Baureihe RSM Highlights


In close collaboration with their design and manufacturing department, Leicht Stanzautomation provides solutions for the requirements of your production process with regards to the weld seam.

Welded joints of the highest quality with strict requirements for the formability of the weld seam guarantee uninterrupted production in the processing of un-stamped and pre-stamped strips.

Electrode grinder WIG-4
  • Perfect grinding of the electrode
  • Diamond disc with a long service life
  • Prepared for connection to safety vacuum cleaners
  • Connection 1 × 230 volts or 1 × 110 volts
Vacuum cleaner grinding dust
  • Vacuum cleaner for connection to an electrode grinding machine WIG-4
  • for sucking up the abrasive particles
  • Dust class M connection 1 x 230 volts