Who we are

Markets & Strategy


Customers worldwide

Leicht Stanzautomation develops, manufactures and markets peripheral equipment for punching and forming technology, profiling and extrusion technology, semi-finished goods manufacture and for injection molding and assembly technology. Our customers include suppliers in the automobile, electrical and electronic industries and in aerospace and medical technology. The furniture industry and the manufacturers of white goods also form part of our valued clientele.

Leicht Stanzautomation develops future-oriented products, new ideas are presented in our own internal training area, customers are informed and educated.

Trust & Innovation


New impulse

We enter into relationships with our customers, partners and employees based on mutual respect. This requires diversity and creativity from all. Our interpretation of leadership is being a role-model and providing space for all to allow optimum development of their capabilities and to allow them actively to contribute to the future of the company by their personal involvement.

Leicht Stanzautomation thinks up solutions to allow visions to become reality. Our drive and ingenuity, in collaboration with our partners, creates the new pioneering impetus for ongoing positive development of the company and its employees.

Partnership & Service


Customers are our primary consideration

Leicht Stanzautomation puts their customers and their requirements at the focus of their reasoning and actions and meets their customers with mutual respect, openness and trust. Our experts are assisting our customers from the development stage to successful commissioning.

Our after sales and training support allows us to provide our customers with high levels of uptime and productivity from our installations over their entire life cycle. Our customers are reliably supported in their markets by the consistent implementation of this practiced strategy.